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Keep Your Rental Units & Communal Spaces Sparkling Clean

There are tons of apartment buildings and condo complexes throughout New Westminster. Each of these buildings can house between 10 and 1,000 people and that’s a lot of people to clean up after! From muddy footprints, spills and smudges on glass there is always something around a high traffic space that needs to be wiped or scrubbed and that is where our Lemonade Maids come in. 


With professional apartment and condo cleaning services, New Westminster property managers can create comfortable and inviting spaces for their tenants. Residential cleaning services aren’t only for the inside of rental units but for all of those shared areas as well. Lemonade Maids provide top to bottom cleaning services that cover foyers, lobbies, stairwells, fitness centres, communal kitchens, lounges, game rooms and more. 

3 Step Recipe for Clean Living



Choose a cleaning program that fits and create a schedule that works for you


Deep Clean

Efficient cleanings of surfaces, appliances and hard to reach areas.


Before/After Photos

Stay in the loop with your cleaning services with photo reports.

Apartment & Condo Cleaning Services – New Westminster

Condo & Apartment Cleaning Services: Keeping Up With High Traffic Spaces

A clean home is a happy home and that starts at the front door of your building. You can’t take pride in your living space if you walk into a dirty lobby or elevator. This is true of anyone who lives in your building already and those people that are thinking about moving in. If a potential tenant walks into an environment that isn’t cared for, they are less likely to want to move in. 

As a landlord or property manager, you have high standards of clean. An in-depth cleaning plan means having to stock up on cleaning products and dedicate time and energy to put them to use. Before you know it, you are spending all of your leisure time cleaning. Hiring professional cleaners ensures that all communal areas are cleaned from top to bottom on a routine basis. 

Instead of having one cleaner take care of such large spaces, Lemonade Maids work in cleaning teams of two for more efficient treatments. Our professional cleaners will tackle areas, including: 

  • Stairwells 
  • Lobbies 
  • Mail Rooms 
  • Fitness Centres 
  • Games Rooms 
  • Lounge Areas 
  • Hallways 
  • Elevators 
  • And more 

Keeping high traffic areas clean isn’t only about visual appeal, it is about safety as well. Dirty floors or stairs can be slippery and when high touch areas aren’t cleaned regularly it will contribute to the spread of bacteria and illness. In order to keep your tenants happy Lemonade Maids offer routine cleaning programs on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. This means creating a customized schedule that fits the needs of your space. 

Lemonade Maids: Professional Cleaning Services That You Can Count On 

Multi-unit living spaces like apartments and condos are made up of communal areas and private ones. Home cleaning services can help to keep the interiors of rental units looking their best. Our cleaning professionals are able to provide expert cleaning services for both areas of your building. By offering move-in and moving out cleaning services, our highly skilled cleaning professionals can help to restore condition and set the stage for tenants and owners. 

In addition to excellent results our Lemonade Maids provide peace of mind as well. Each member of the team is local to the New Westminster area so you can expect timely service and a commitment to getting the best results for our communities. Lemonade Maid cleaners are bonded and insured, as well highly trained and experienced so you never have to worry. Affordable rates and transparent pricing mean you’ll never be surprised with a higher than expected bill. 

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