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Improve Visuals, Air Quality, and Overall Condition With a Deep Cleaning Service

Even with a daily cleaning routine there is always dirt and debris building up in corners, nooks, crannies and hard to reach areas. After a while you might even stop noticing dusty surfaces or cobwebs clogging up corners. As common as these might be, they are contributing to poor air quality, a drop in visual appeal and the spread of germs. Give your living space a fresh start by calling Lemonade Maids for your home deep cleaning service in New Westminster. 

A spring time cleaning is common practice for most homeowners but you don’t have to wait for a changing of the season. There is never a bad time to reduce the amount of clutter around a house or reorganize, so why not incorporate a deep clean into the process for a clean slate at any time of year. 

3 Step Recipe for Clean Living



Choose a cleaning program that fits and create a schedule that works for you


Deep Clean

Efficient cleanings of surfaces, appliances and hard to reach areas.


Before/After Photos

Stay in the loop with your cleaning services with photo reports.

Home Deep Cleaning Service – New Westminster

The Benefits of Having Your Home Professionally Cleaned

Should I hire professional home cleaning services? It’s a question that many homeowners in New Westminster find themselves asking. The truth is that if you have to ask, the answer is probably yes! It is common practice to wipe off kitchen countertops after making a meal but how often do you pull out appliances and sweep out crumbs? A professional cleaning company will do just that! 

A kitchen is a high traffic, high touch space that needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid contamination. This means sanitizing surfaces but it also means preventing pests from sneaking in. When there are piles of crumbs and food debris behind appliances or stuck between counters and walls it is a major attractant for ants, silverfish, cockroaches and even rodents. Regular deep cleans will clear away foodstuffs and reduce the risk of an infestation. 

Dust is a pretty common element in home cleaning but there are some areas that don’t get a lot of attention throughout the course of the year. Think about your ceiling fan, for example. These collect dust throughout the year and wiping them off means climbing up on ladders to reach high areas. If not dusted, fans are circulating dust and bacteria into the room around you, dropping indoor air quality and irritating allergies. 

The majority of homes throughout New Westminster have standard cleaning products under the sink or in storage rooms but professional house cleaning services come along with speciality tools. You don’t want to spend time, energy and money chasing down cleaning tools like vacuums, steamers, ladders, mops and more. Luckily, our cleaning crews are fully stocked with top industry tools and cleansers and we bring these right to your front door. 

Lemonade Maid Services: Expert Home Deep Cleanings with a Satisfaction Guarantee

Clean homes aren’t just better for visual appeal, it is better for the overall condition of a house and for the health of everyone that steps inside. A deep cleaning will keep tenants happy or create a more comfortable environment for yourself, your friends, family and guests.

Taking an amateur approach to a top to bottom clean can take days or even weeks. Don’t delay the process when you can book an experienced cleaning crew for timely and efficient services. Each member of the Lemonade Maids team is local to New West and the surrounding area and are committed to getting the best results for our community and our neighbours. For peace of mind all of our Lemonade Maid cleaners are fully bonded and insured, as well as vetted.

By offering options for routine cleaning programs, as well as deep cleans, there is never a bad time to book a cleaning appointment. Homeowners can book services online and by-phone 24 hours a day. Flexible schedules make it possible to accommodate a wide range of schedules so you aren’t limited. Our cleaning crews are also proud to offer affordable rates and transparent pricing so you are never surprised with a higher than expected bill.

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