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No Dirt Left Behind: Professional Deep Cleaning Brought Right to Your Front Door

Your home is your castle and as much as you might try to keep it clean and organized, it is easy for small things to snowball and before you know it, things are out of control. With a busy schedule, full house and tons of responsibilities on the go, you shouldn’t have to worry about your house. Luckily, Lemonade Maids in the Burnaby area offer home deep cleaning services to get you back on track.

An annual spring cleaning is common practice for homes throughout Metro Vancouver but you don’t have to wait until spring to spruce up your living space. In fact, hiring professional cleaning services to deep clean your home or rental property a couple of times a year can make it easier to maintain and can improve the overall condition of your space. Improve visuals, indoor air quality and create a comfortable environment with one phone call to your local Lemonade Maids.

3 Step Recipe for Clean Living



Choose a cleaning program that fits and create a schedule that works for you


Deep Clean

Efficient cleanings of surfaces, appliances and hard to reach areas.


Before/After Photos

Stay in the loop with your cleaning services with photo reports.

Home Deep Cleaning Services – Burnaby

Professional House Cleaning Services: Deep Cleans Made Easy 

Keeping a kitchen clean is a priority for many homeowners but other areas don’t always get the same attention. Everyone has a chore that they really hate doing but even a bit of procrastination can lead to a serious ripple effect throughout your property. Incorporating a deep clean into your schedule can mean giving up an afternoon, a day or the better part of a week. Instead of committing all of your time, energy, focus and even money into cleaning when you can book a professional cleaning staff instead.

Efficient Treatments: Lemonade Maids work in teams for a more efficient cleaning program. Instead of having an individual move from room to room, our highly trained cleaning teams can divide and conquer.

Flexible Schedules: Just because a routine cleaning program doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean that your home is going to be left out in the cold. Hiring a Lemonade Maid service means being able to create your own cleaning schedule that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Don’t Stock Up on Cleaning Products: Cleaning doesn’t just take up your time, it can be expensive! If you are left purchasing tools, cleansers, scrub brushes and rags, cleaning costs can quickly spiral out of control. Just because you have all of the tools doesn’t mean that you are going to use them. Instead of spending money on supplies, divert that amount to having a professional deep clean your living space. Lemonade Maids bring all of the necessary tools right to your front door so you don’t have to worry about buying or storing them.

Lemonade Maids: Not Your Average Cleaning Company 

Leaving your home in the care of a stranger is tricky but you don’t have to worry about our Lemonade Maids. Each member of the team is highly trained, experienced, vetted, and most importantly they are fully bonded and insured. Because our cleaning crews are local to the Burnaby area, we are committed to getting the best possible results for our friends and neighbours. 

Whether you are looking to go into a new season with a clean slate, or are in the market for a move-in, move-out cleaning, just call a local cleaning expert. Each service comes along with a satisfaction guarantee and an affordable rate. Whether you are in a 1 bedroom home, or have six bedrooms to look after, there is something for everyone at Lemonade Maids. 

With options for online bookings or making an appointment over the phone, there is never a bad time to consult a Lemonade Maid about your next home cleaning project. Our experienced cleaning crews specialize in deep cleans, as well as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleanings. 

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