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Ditch Dust & Dirt With Expert Deep Cleaning Services At Home

Making cleaning a part of your daily routine is great but even with regular scrubbing and dusting, your home will need a deep clean from time to time. A deep clean can be a daunting task and it is easy to procrastinate but the longer you wait, the more time and energy it will take. Instead of delaying your cleaning or spending your leisure time scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming or wiping out appliances, let an expert cleaning team handle it for you! For expert home deep cleaning services, Maple Ridge residents can rely on Lemonade Maids for flexible schedules and affordable rates.

Unfortunately, clean homes don’t just happen! It takes time, energy and even financial investment to stock up on cleaning products and put them to use. To save your energy and time, deep cleanings should be left up to the experts! Don’t wait until spring, call Lemonade Maids at any time!

3 Step Recipe for Clean Living



Choose a cleaning program that fits and create a schedule that works for you


Deep Clean

Efficient cleanings of surfaces, appliances and hard to reach areas.


Before/After Photos

Stay in the loop with your cleaning services with photo reports.

Home Deep Cleaning Services – Maple Ridge

The Perks of Professional Cleaning Services At Home 

There is a big difference between regular cleanings and deep cleanings. One of these is part of an everyday routine while the other is a lot more in-depth with a lot of moving parts. In-depth cleanings are thorough and focus on the areas that you can see and the ones that are often overlooked. You might wipe down the outside of kitchen cupboards, but how often do you wipe the shelves themselves? Or move appliances away from the wall or remove crumbs and debris, or wipe away stains?

A deep clean is always a good idea but there are a few occasions that they are more popular than others, namely for a move out cleaning, or when the spring season swings back around. In fact, there is never a bad time for a deep cleaning. If you are getting ready to host company, cleaning up after a gathering or are just noticing that your living space is not as clean as it could be, just call a local Lemonade Maid.

Keeping a clean house isn’t just a matter of visuals, it can make a world of difference to your overall quality of life. Dust and bacteria don’t just look terrible, they can have a serious negative impact on allergies and indoor air quality. By making thorough house cleaning services a part of your annual, semi-annual or quarterly routine, you can breathe easy knowing that your home is going through a top to bottom clean.

Keeping Clean in Maple Ridge: Home Deep Cleaning Services To Suit Your Space 

We understand that when it comes to house cleaning, Maple Ridge residents have a ton of options but Lemonade Maids aren’t your average cleaning company. Each member of the Lemonade Maids team is fully bonded and insured, each service comes with a satisfaction guarantee and you can expect expert customer service every time. Whether you are looking for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or single service cleanings, just call your local Lemonade Maid service for the best results, efficient treatments and affordable rates. 

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