How Professional Office Cleanings Can Boost Morale At Work 

How Professional Office Cleanings Can Boost Morale At Work 

On average, employees spend 33% of their day at work — that’s 1/3 of our lives! For business owners and specialists in high industry areas like Vancouver BC, it might be even more than that. When spending so much time in a single location, you want to make sure that it is a clean and comfortable space to be. In fact, if a work environment isn’t kept clean it will have a negative impact on morale, productivity and even health. Luckily, Lemonade Maids offer specialized cleaning systems for offices of all shapes, sizes and styles across British Columbia.

Commercial Cleaning Services: Start Your Work Day Off Right 

Just imagine waking up on a Monday morning, rushing out the door, doing your daily commute and finally making it to work. You’ve made it, you can relax with a cup of coffee. You make your way to the office kitchen only to find a sink full of dishes and leftover coffee grounds clogging up the machine from Friday. This is enough to make you want to hop in your car and head right back home. Something as common as sticky floors or dusty desks can be enough to leave a bad taste in the mouths of your employees. 

More than just starting the day off on the wrong foot, the condition of your office building will have an impact on all the aspects of your work day. 

Health & Safety: Working in an office often means working in close proximity to your co-workers. Over the course of the day door knobs, light switches, appliances and even pens are handled by many individuals. These high touch areas should be cleaned regularly to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria. Regular cleaning reduces the risk of germ spread and decreases the likelihood of illnesses being passed from employee to employee. 

Productivity: When an office is clean and well organized, it minimizes distractions allowing employees to focus on their current duties without being pulled from one task to another. A clean and organized workspace signifies high-performance and will encourage employees to put their best foot forward. 

Stay On Task: If an office is kept clean staff members don’t have to stop what they are working on to tidy up common areas. If you are in the middle of a project but find yourself having to stop and dust off desktops and other areas it can be tough to get back into a groove. In fact, once concentration is broken it can take up to 40 minutes to get back to where you were. If this happens more than once throughout the day you are looking at more than an hour of wasted time. 

Motivation: Everyone wants to be able to take pride in their work and that can be tough to do when your surrounding environment is dirty or uncared for. By providing staff with a clean and organized space, business owners and office managers are able to provide all of the tools to motivate staff and create a sense of professionalism. 

Reputation: As a business or brand, reputation is everything. You probably won’t get a lot of positive reviews or referrals if customers walk into your offices and notice that things aren’t taken care of. A clean and inviting office space lets customers and guests know that you pay attention to detail and are on top of everything from client relations to regular cleaning. 

Lemonade Maids: Expert Office Cleaning Services That You Can Count On 

Every commercial office space has a certain set of resources at its disposal but most of the time this doesn’t include full janitorial services. It might be great to have a stock room full of cleaning supplies but they aren’t useful if there isn’t anyone using them! Luckily, Lemonade Maids are ready and available to provide top notch cleaning services in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. 

The first step to a sparkling clean workspace is to create a cleaning plan that fits the unique needs of your staff and offices. A thorough cleaning plan can include everything from basic cleaning practices like wiping down counters and sanitizing kitchens, bathrooms and high touch areas, all the way to carpet cleaning. 

Local Lemonade Maids provide excellent customer service, flexible schedules and affordable rates. As if that weren’t enough, each member of our cleaning teams are fully bonded and insured for peace of mind that you are getting the best possible results with every service. 

How Professional Office Cleanings Can Boost Morale At Work 

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