Move-In, Move-Out Cleaning – New Westminster

Unpack in a Clean and Comfortable Space or Leave a Sparkling Clean Rental Behind

Moving into a new home should be an exciting time but it can also be stressful. Packing and unpacking is a pain and having to deep clean a property only adds to that. If you are in the market for a fresh start but don’t want the stress of wiping walls, scrubbing surfaces or cleaning out appliances, our Lemonade Maids have got you covered. With professional move-in and move-out cleaning, New Westminster residents can enjoy relocating without the stress of cleaning. 

When moving out it is expected that you are going to leave the home spotless but this is easier said than done. During the course of a week you will likely clean off countertops in kitchens and scrub showers but a proper deep clean has many more parts to it. In fact, when moving out of a rental you might even be handing a cleaning checklist. If this feels overwhelming, just call a local cleaning company for a top to bottom clean. 

3 Step Recipe for Clean Living



Choose a cleaning program that fits and create a schedule that works for you


Deep Clean

Efficient cleanings of surfaces, appliances and hard to reach areas.


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Move-In, Move-Out Cleaning – New Westminster

A Fresh and Clean Start in Your New Home with Lemonade Maids

For many of us, house cleaning isn’t any fun. No one wants to spend a sunny day inside cleaning but it is even worse when you are already busy with fitting packing and/or unpacking into your daily routine. A professional cleaning on possession day can help you step into a comfortable home ready for a fresh start. At the same time, when moving out of a former home or rental, you are often required to deep clean the unit in order to get your security deposit back. 

When Moving Out: When leaving a property, landlords or managers will often present you with a cleaning checklist. This will include common practice chores like vacuuming and cleaning out bathtubs but there is probably going to be a ton of other tasks on there. These can be anything from washing walls, wiping windows, dusting ceiling fans, and cleaning off light switches. Missing just one of these steps can have a negative impact on the return of your security deposit. A professional move out cleaning team provides a top to bottom clean so you can focus on the important stuff.  

When Moving In: Everyone expects to move their belongings into a clean home but this isn’t always the case. When taking over a property you can never be sure what is left behind. For example, if you start to sneeze and have itchy eyes, there is a good chance that you are dealing with leftover allergens. Dust, pet dander and even pollen can impact your quality of life but professional cleaning offers a deep clean into all of the areas that can be holding onto allergens. 

Reliable Moving In/Moving Out Cleaning Services in New Westminster 

If you are planning to relocate to a new home, don’t let the cleaning process take the shine off of your new house. Instead of struggling to fit in a deep cleaning in the midst of a high stress move, let our Lemonade Maids handle the dirty work for you. Our cleaning crews are local to the New Westminster area so you can always expect timely treatments and excellent customer service. Each member of the team is highly trained, experienced, bonded and insured for peace of mind. 

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