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Lemonade Maids Give You a Fresh Start In Your New Home

Moving into a new home is exciting but it is also a lot of hard work. For weeks before your possession date, you are likely spending all of your free time wrapping, packing and planning. Adding cleaning to this list can be enough to throw anyone overboard and create an even more stressful situation, but don’t worry, our Lemonade Maids are here to help! By offering expert move-in, move-out cleaning services in Coquitlam our Lemonade Maids make relocating easier so you can start off with a clean slate. 

When you are packing up your old home you are likely looking forward to a fresh start and aren’t thinking about cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. Unfortunately, a deep cleaning is a must whenever you leave a rental property or move out of a home, and it is also a great idea to book a house cleaning services before you take possession. There is nothing worse than having to pause your packing/unpacking/organizing so you can wipe down walls, vacuum a rug or clean a counter. Instead of dividing your time, let a local Lemonade Maid handle the dirty work for you. 

3 Step Recipe for Clean Living



Choose a cleaning program that fits and create a schedule that works for you


Deep Clean

Efficient cleanings of surfaces, appliances and hard to reach areas.


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Stay in the loop with your cleaning services with photo reports.

Move-In, Move-Out Cleaning – Coquitlam

How Professional Cleaning Can Make Your Move Easier

Whether you have lived in your home for 2 months or 2 years, there will always need to be an extensive cleanup done when you leave. This might seem like a pain but it can actually be hugely beneficial for yourself, property managers and the next tenants that will be moving in. 

When Moving Out: A thorough cleaning is a great way to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything and aren’t leaving anything behind but it can also impact your security deposit. Everyone has different standards of clean and this can mean needing to have carpets cleaned or walls patched in order to meet the standards of property owners. Many managers will leave a cleaning checklist for tenants but these are often long and require a lot of time and tools to get the right results. Luckily, hiring Lemonade Maids ensures that you are getting the best possible results and this might make all the difference between getting your full security deposit back or getting nothing at all. 

Moving In: Just because you take possession of a property doesn’t guarantee that you are getting the keys to a clean home. If you or your loved ones are prone to allergies or are immunocompromised it is always a good idea to book a professional cleaning before you move in. Hiring expert cleaning services can eliminate bacteria and remove common allergens like dust or pet hair that might be left behind. 

Lemonade Maids: Expert Cleaning Services in Coquitlam

Hiring professional cleaning services doesn’t just mean great results, it means peace of mind. Don’t spend your time skimming and scrubbing or struggling to fit a proper cleaning into your schedule when you can book a highly trained cleaning team with years of experience instead. With highly trained and experienced staff, as well as affordable rates and cleaning teams that are bonded and insured, there is never a bad time to book your move-in, move-out cleaning services.

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